Green as mass

Andrew Nisker; Garbage! maker takes his message to Walmart

National Post, by Vanessa Farquharson, Thursday, April 22, 2010

Andrew Nisker's films have never had a theatrical release, but they're suddenly getting noticed around the world, whether it's by a Transylvanian environmentalist or a top Walmart executive in Arkansas.

"The folks at Rachel Mc-Adams' blog called me, then Criss Angel's production company called, then Leonardo DiCaprio's blog posted about me," he says. "Not to name drop, but you know, the word definitely seems to be getting out."

Pretty impressive for a guy who specializes in low-budget documentaries about garbage and cleaning products. Perhaps it has something to do with his distribution methods -- Nisker makes his work available for purchase online, encouraging others to hold small-scale screenings at home or in their local libraries, which in turn leads to more viral, word-of-mouth advertising -- but it could also be that his films are straightforward and accessible, full of practical solutions to vexing environmental problems.

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