Talent to Watch

Playback Magazine: Talent Watch: Andrew Nisker
by: Samantha Yaffe
June 28, 2010

Indie doc-maker and eco-activist Andrew Nisker is attempting to rid the
world of harmful chemicals and needless waste one film at a time - no
distributor required.

We caught up with filmmaker Andrew Nisker just days after his return
from Arkansas, where he was invited by Walmart headquarters to screen
and discuss his latest doc, Chemerical.

In Super Size Me-esque form, Chemerical follows a family's three-month
journey to live without chemical-based household and personal care items.
It is the sequel to Nisker's first eco-reality doc, Garbage (2003), which
trails a family's three-month journey to entirely rid their home of waste.

"The message is that the revolution starts at home," says the former Sex
Confessions director, who earned his chops in directing lifestyle and doc
TV for CBC, CTV, Chum Television and Global over the past 20 years.

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