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Introducing our suite of Mobile apps,
powered by SmartCodeFX,

In 3 easy steps, our apps help create a healthier
environment for you and your family making a positive
impact for generations to come:

While Doc Tilly and Joe, our second two apps will help
you make healthier decisions about food and home
improvement products respectively, our first app, Betty
will help educate users on everyday household products
like cleaners, detergents and personal care products.
Check out this video to see a demo of how Betty works.


What is this anyway?

Well, if McDonalds restaurants can track how many hamburgers it serves and promote it by saying "billions and billions" served, why can't we do the same, sorta.
Here at Chemerical, we are all about detoxifying homes, schools, workplaces, and anywhere you spend your time. So we want to know how we are all doing. We also want your efforts to be counted.

Our toxic tally does just that. You simply put the amount of toxic products you removed from your home and get added to the tally. While you are at it, why not tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe you will inspire them to do the same.


Take action and use these tools to help raise awareness about the toxins in your community. We appreciate your support.

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Rick Smith - Regulations and Testing

Exclusive To Chemical Nation Community Members

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Rick Smith – Regulation and Testing

Rick Smith further explores how your house hold chemicals are regulated and tested.

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